What is the importance of prevention in a Lean Six Sigma environment?


In organizations, there are meetings where the future products or services are discussed in details. There are tools applied and future plans made to enable a quite solid structure of the prevention plans to be developed for the future of the company. Its future depends on how well the risks are assessed and how well the prevention plan will be developed.

What happens in countries and at global level? Do we have examples on how the entire mitigation process works to help and prevent any future internal and external wars? Do we have meetings at the international level that call for peace makers and conflict resolutions to work on differences that are democratically shared among all parties? UHNCHR as an organization works to raise funds to support people who have been dislocated due to war or natural disasters. But the questions is why do we need to have wars to resolve human conflicts? Can we not prevent wars and in similar ways prevent conflicts? We already know how the democratic process works for conflict prevention. Can we not take the similar approach in global level?


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