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Cooperation and concept of forgiveness in a Lean Six Sigma environment


Cooperation in its essence is the driving force for surviving and a continue strive for life's evolution. When the first group of humans had left the African's continent more than 60, 000 years ago that researchers have found traces off, no one would have survived alone without cooperation. Just as helping one another was the key to our past success, it becomes vital to our common future. Cooperation has been mathematically demonstrated in biology, and its key dynamic system's characteristics are generous, helpful and forgiving.
In a Lean Six Sigma environment where team members do not cooperate with each other and the other companies, but rather are in an unhealthy and unfair competition, most people get exhausted while quality levels drop significantly.
John Heywood quotes "many hands make light work" gives us the ray of light that people can realize when they cooperate. The people who accept that "I will help you and someone else will help me" are belonging to the highest end of forgiveness and cooperation on the human's developmental scale.




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Elements of collaboration, cooperation and intellectual giftedness in eLearning Lean Six Sigma environment


Lean Six Sigma promotes learning, mentoring and coaching for sharing knowledge, solve challenges, and increase quality levels across companies and the world. Since one of the main components is the personal aptitude for learning and continuing education, we need to emphasize on the importance of both collaboration and cooperation in an eLearning environment while considering the intellectual giftedness. One main driver in several training organizations and educational organizations have been the offering of training and certification in classes that emphasized on the cost component rather than on the collaboration, cooperation and intellectual capabilities that can be enriched only through eLearning.

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