Autodidacticism and Lean Six Sigma

If one of the root causes of stagnation happened in the previous centuries due to lack of accessibility to knowledge, then the only requirement of this 21st century is an increased access to learning and recognition of each individual worthiness.
As people around the globe reach to a higher level of knowledge through self- learning the results are astonishing because it matters when self-learning becomes limitless.

Although Leonardo Da Vinci was not accepted to the University because his parents were not married, and University's policies were encouraging that only certain people with social conditions were supported to send their children to school, as an autodidact he had studied and due to his curiosity he reached an un-equivalent level of knowledge.
In the current economical condition, most developed countries have experienced an employer mindset that one can only continue to work and create in a narrow field of expertise where one applies his/her original training and past work experience. There is also a mindset that only certain traditional training programs and institutions are recognized by business corporations, although accessibility to self learning has made a major progress allowing more people to gain knowledge to help them to become contributors for further development in all areas of our life.

Lean Six Sigma and eLearning 2.0
Change Management in Lean Six Sigma Projects

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