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We all know that both quality and education need to be developed together if large organizations don't want to pay on huge penalties... Show more

#inquirybasedlearning is intrinsically motivated therefore when taking the approach of self-learning the student has better chances of... Show more

Dorina Grossu so, are today's #organizations ready for #employees to inquire over processes that are #setup by CEO's, managers, directors etc.? Obviously, there is a... Show more 3 months ago

I always thought that each individual has talents therefore work and effort, tenacity etc. are qualities that are well rewarded around the world... Show more

Behind most of the changes that a politician wants to make there is a larger organization that operates at a Global level that provides some type of... Show more

a very long time ago, everything was free and available as #cleanwater, #cleanair, #nonGMOfood and then everything was transformed, but if... Show more

yes, there is a difference in behavior among students as some never think that they know while others think they know everything #shystudents... Show more

the #art of #beauty #aesthetics are not any different than #lean to #sixsigma
the main issues to those who want to implement it is when #price takes...
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