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What would be the main elements of an Universal Quality System?

3 years 7 months ago #603 by dorina
BC Levitation was a joke of course but the point I was trying to make is that under the current state of governance, we have created an addiction to transportation.

Most of the world is made of economic activities and geographic routes that keep most people so busy surviving those systems, that living might happen after retirement, if there is any energy production left to enjoy life with. Anyway, by then, so few know themselves and how live accordingly, that surviving the routine of stress ravages is all most can do until the grave.

So if we are going to talk about a Universal Quality System, we need to get on with identifying what the universal elements of the quality of life are and learn to transit out of survival's established patterns and get on with living.

The simple formula of the transition is"

To go from doing - having - becoming

To Being - Having - Doing

First stage is the acquisition of the taste for health because health is the universal taste of life that allows humans to be true in our caring for one another.

From this first stage, we open the invitation universally and aim the process into the activation of the recovery road from self-destruction to self-control and community sufficiency.

Is there already a built-in process in the Canadian Six Sigma-Continuous Improvement by which the black belts inspire, recruit and initiate individuals into the universal white belt of deep quality living?

If not, then perhaps that the acquisition of the taste for health deploying the recovery road could breath life into the Universal Quality System, making of the system, the live transition process from personal to communal to global, becoming an unavoidable groove of renewal and restoration for all concerned and those who are not concerned or who only pretend to be, we'll then be equipped to inspire them to take on the white belt of Universal Quality Living so that he or she may discover where they can contribute to the system.

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3 years 7 months ago #604 by dorina
DG There are several major points as employment, food and shelter that need to be solved before the end of this year.
There are a lot of knowledge and information available therefore it seems unrealistic for people to be without jobs. There is just a mismanagement of resources, and in many cases is nothing more than bad intention regarding the type of skills, knowledge etc. required to do the job.
We will need to create a link (LinkedIn has already a lot of info available) to a web site with the current population that is unemployed (skills, etc.), location, and then match with the available places that exist in their area plus what can be done remotely or over the internet. The entire database can be done quite fast as there are many places where information is already available. Again this effort is required at World level rather than local level.
People who are currently dislocated should be accepted in hotels, motels etc. I see no reasons why people should sleep in tents while some hotels are empty. The rates per night should be recalculated based on 100% occupancy.
People who can not pay their mortgage, rent etc. should be included in database and have their payments made directly by banks to landlords etc. Banks need to included in this action since they have more than half of the Globe population in their database. If there are people without bank credibility, the payments should be done through local servicing.

Food is also in abundance in many places while other people can not afford to buy. Food in restaurants and everywhere should be provided either on coupons or on personal identification. I just can not imagine how people can sleep at night with the thought that maybe tomorrow they will get a job to pay for food.

Large corporations should be able to donate to this cause and help creating the Universal Quality System.

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3 years 7 months ago #605 by dorina
BC You are touching upon The UN Millennium Goals and here's a Canadian sponsored global effort, initiated by one Anglo Montréal family's fortune, with nearly half a million youth from across the planet, who are dedicated to those goals:


Here's the group I seek to grow on that site:

AVHY stands for Ancient Voice of Humanity's Youth

Can the white belt of Canadian Six Sigma-Continuous Improvement be defined to partner up with AVHY according to my offerings to your quest?

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3 years 7 months ago #606 by dorina
DG 1. New Comers and language barrier
A quite interesting point made by a speaker at one of the meetings I attended was the language barrier that newcomers face when they come to Canada. There is a huge income disparity among Canadians who have English/French as their first language and "the others".
Personally, I do not share these points since barriers are at communication level, but one way to increase cultural awareness,behavior, language efficiency, critical thinking etc. will be by designing eLearning courses in all of the above. Companies, banks, large organizations should in fact build these programs.

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3 years 7 months ago #607 by dorina
2. Elimination of corruption through an appropriate level of control

Benoit Couture How do we take on the appropriating from the dark side to the bright side of the road?

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3 years 7 months ago #608 by dorina
Obviously subservience does not work since it is based on a false assumption that higher levels are less corrupted. If we are to take away the object of gain which is represented through power, we might be able to build another approach. Assembling together the representatives from all levels will most likely create a different sense of progress based on quality’s principles.

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