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"A" Players in a company

7 years 11 months ago - 7 years 11 months ago #96 by dorina
From an article (see below) we find what are the top 10 deadly sins of talent. This paragraph is important because it provides an inside about how good companies operate by supporting their employees to continuously learn and train in new areas.

"Lack of Training and Development
Leadership and training is critical to “A” players. They know their value and they expect to advance and grow within the organization. Management guru Peter Drucker developed the concept of a knowledge worker in 1959. Drucker was one of the first to predict major changes in society based on this idea. He saw the shift of business and the economy away from success in manufacturing or the ability to make products to success from the ability to generate and use knowledge. When companies equipped employees with information through training, development, and education, they then could make better decisions which allowed them to perform better and thus the organization would grow.
You can bet that the most-admired companies on Forbes list have extensive training and development plans for every employee that not only focus on what they can do to improve their performance, but also to help them with their future career goals within the organization. Educated employees tend to take responsibility for their productivity. They are innovative and often manage themselves. A study on talent in 2009 found that when comparing organizations with high-quality development programs, against those that did not, the median revenue per employee was doubled. This is a clear indication that employee training programs can actually pay for themselves.

What’s worse than training your employees and losing them? Not training them and keeping them. – Zig Ziglar"


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