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1 year 4 months ago #775 by dorina
Training provisions must be of high quality to have the desired impact

For adult education and training to be useful for individuals, firms and societies, the training provision should be of high quality. Good information on the quality of training programmes and providers is essential to help individuals and employers make informed decisions on adult learning.
However, many countries lack adequate quality control mechanisms at different levels of the adult learning system. Further, training activities do not always lead to the desired results and only 2/3 of training participants think training helped them achieve positive employment outcomes. Setting and monitoring quality standards, ensuring that training leads to certification, and regular evaluation of adult learning programmes, can support high-quality adult learning systems.
In the future other actors-employers, individuals may be called upon to contribute further to the cost of training in line with the benefits they obtain. In this context, governments can design financial incentives for individuals and/or employers to encourage greater investment in training..


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