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Accountability in Education

1 year 4 months ago #773 by dorina
"The OECD developed a compliance index to monitor the implementation of guideline recommendations. Regarding
student and customer protection, the index measures whether institutions (a) provide comparable higher
education at home and abroad, (b) acknowledge local quality assurance systems, (c) use agents responsibly and
(d) provide complete and easily accessible information about their programmes, qualifications, academic and
professional recognition of qualifications, and internal quality assurance processes. It also measures whether
governments, quality assurance bodies, and student bodies make easily accessible information on providers
available to students and families (Vincent-Lancrinet al., 2015)."


The interesting part of this report as many other reports is that education, in general, are not recognized across countries but it is expected that immigrants would get the same jobs in the areas of their field studies which is not true.

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