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DNA and phenotypes in companies

8 years 3 months ago #63 by dorina
Why nobody talks about genotype and phenotypes since it needs to be balance between genotype and phenotype (environment)?

"The complete DNA sequence of an organism does not contain the information necessary to specify the organism. The outcome of developmental processes depends both on the genotype and on the temporal sequence of environments in which the organism develops."
If companies want to develop DNA’s without considering the phenotype first, is again going backwards to the same approach while we now use organic descriptions rather than mechanics
“The complex contingency of the relations between genotype and phenotype arise from the nature of organisms as physical systems. They differ from the physical systems that have been the objects of study of most physics and chemistry in two respects. Unlike atoms or planets they are intermediate in size and internally functionally heterogeneous. As a consequence they are the nexus of a very large number of weakly determining interacting causal chains and subject to the effect of random noise at all levels. The consequence for the understanding of the structure and function of organisms, including their individual and social behavior, is that there is not some small set of universals like Newton's Laws. Even Mendel's Laws have many exceptions and the Biogenetic Law of all life from life cannot always have been true or there would be no organisms. As is true for living systems in general, relations between genotype and phenotype are contingent, varying from case to case.”

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