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OECD General report on Taxes G20

4 years 3 months ago #505 by dorina

From the report:
The country by country template requires multinationals to provide information on
revenues, profits, taxes accrued and paid and some activity indicators.
To support implementation, the following elements have now been defined: preparation and filing for the country
-by-country reporting by multinationals with a turnover above EUR 750 million is expected to start in 2016 so
that the first pieces of information are obtained by tax administrations by 2017. Information will be
filed in the country of residence of the multinational and will further be automatically exchanged
with countries fulfilling a number of conditions, in particular confidentiality and proper use of the
information. Local filing will be deemed appropriate only in a limited number of enumerated cases. "

"The existence of a level playing field is critical to the effectiveness of international standard"

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