Can we ever learn without doing projects in a Lean Six Sigma environment?

Since we have knowledge about human existence, everything was done under assumption that implied and expected positive outcomes will be obtained as a result of our actions. Whether we built houses, designed airplanes or developed new ways to cook the food to better feed ourselves, everything has been done by involving critical thinking, emotional and social awareness.
As we try to further self-develop our mind by reaching to an entire world that exists, and in an effort to create trusting relationships among all human beings, the projects will need to be developed by considering that emotional maturity leading to quality can happen when all parties have equal accesses and same rights to knowledge.
As intuition represents one of the interim stages, we will need to come together to common knowledge and belief that projects can be done together regardless of space location, religion, culture etc.

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Competency levels in a heuristic Lean Six Sigma environment and its connection to intuition

Competency levels in a heuristic Lean Six Sigma environment and its connection to intuition


Heuristic is to know or discover based on experience by using aid which helps to reduce time for solving problems. Lean Six Sigma has a variety of tools that provide an easy way to solve issues that can happen simultaneously or independently at different levels in companies and organizations who are ready to move towards quality and excellence. Generally, Lean Six Sigma will establish rules to control systems that exist within a company and will teach people on how to determine those rules based on knowledge previously gained or in best situations will try to teach by using examples and develop the new behavioral patterns.

While logic and calculations are developed preponderantly in left brain what we need to understand is that in fact the right brain offers intuition and creativity to develop the left brain therefore organizations should have a balanced proportion of both competencies. Also, people should be encouraged to develop their personalities based on the holistic approaches and considering the impact that their decisions will have across the world.

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