Hope in “The Old Man and the Sea” (Lesson 2 Article 2)


“It is silly not to hope, besides I believe it is a sin." The Old Man and the Sea” by E. Hemingway

Hope can be seen in the eyes of each and every living being ,the connection to life and the surroundings which are reflected also, in the incommensurable love that exists within and outside us. As we are born with the innate quality of hope for the future, that image is being transferred from the brain and reflected into our eyes. Hemingway’s novella is one of the most appropriate books as it sets the stage for personal achievement that cannot be taken away because it is something that each one of us can only find individually.

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Hope from Pandora’s jar is the Second Lesson in a Lean Six Sigma environment


Long time ago, a scholar named Erasmus, who lived in Holland, translated from Hesiod’s work the story of Pandora’s jar. Shortly, Zeus gave a jar to Pandora and asked her never to open it, but he knew that she will open it because of her curiosity and persuasive nature. Pandora was Zeus’s creation therefore he knew what her actions will be. At that time the man lived in a world without worries just that by opening the jar, the diseases and dreadful things have started to happen. [1],[2],[3],[4]

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