Engineering as a key driver of human development and its connection to Lean Six Sigma methodology


Needless to remind you that Lean Six Sigma metholodgy is mainly used in manufacturing industries by engineers. But the role of engineers in societies, how they model and design, or apply knowledge to prevent disasters have not been recognized sufficiently by contemporaneity. Engineers try to make things that do not exist or continually improve the ones that exist, but when they design, and back in their mind is the idea to further help the human development. Although learning and acquiring knowledge continually are part of human development, there are still some areas that refer to invention, innovation, dimensions and imagination which are very specific to engineers. They create new shapes, forms or objects.
Lean Six Sigma as a methodology uses steps to solve issues and develop solutions that are innovative. With any step taken to further develop our human knowledge we help humanity to further extend and continue our development towards common goals. What we do need to take from Lean Six Sigma methodology is that everybody can learn to become an engineer.

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