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Energy, Mass and Lean Six Sigma environment


We will continue with the positive linkage between human behavior and Lean Six Sigma from previous ideas that we wrote about last week referring to the importance and role of frontal cortex development. Einstein has connected mass and energy through his formula E=mc^2. Let's assume that within a company we have 1000 people who are strongly motivated to create positive energy, and about 5 Senior Managers who have a large mass of inertia. Einstein experiment consisted in introducing photons that emitted light inside of a box. Since the box has its own mass and no outside action acted upon to move it, when photons radiated light, the box moved in the opposite direction from where the light irradiated.
Most importantly, to ensure that a significant move in a pre-determined and positive direction is made, there are many and positive momentums that need to be created in a Lean Six Sigma environment in similar ways as photons create momentums by transferring light to mass. A static box will only be moved if there are enough photons that constantly radiate a required amount of light from different directions that hopefully will not become just a constant annoyance, but rather will imprint certain behavioral changes.

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