Desired personality in eLearning

Whenever I search in the "Digital Library for Education and Information Technology (EdITLib )" for articles related to "online" training, I can only find articles using the "eLearning" term. Whenever I search the Google search engines using the term "eLearning", I can see that a higher number of searches are performed by using the term "online" ( about 1 million in Lean Six Sigma on 2012). Obviously there are differences between eLearning and online learning, but in some cases they are too subtle for users and the public at large. Creating a collaborative eLearning environment require from students the ability to create a social climate and sense of community and work synergistically using critical thinking, creativity and cooperative learning. (Bernard, Rojo de Rubalcava, & St. Pierre 2000). When students look for "online" courses their main scope is to receive an accreditation or a certificate that will help them with additional skills but the community is not happening.

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