Key changes in a Lean Six Sigma environment

To be able to assist and participate directly to organizational changes, we need to know first how to honestly talk to people. We also need to understand the characteristics of each group within the organization. Plato summarizes in "Collected Dialogues" Socrates' views on how to persuade the "soul". Since there is determinant number the variability of approach results in a variety of individuals. A certain type of hearer will be easy to persuade by a certain type of speech to take such and such action for such and such reason, while another type will be hard to persuade. The person must fully understand, and next he must watch it actually occurring, exemplified in people's conduct, and must cultivate a keenness of perception instruction. People in general believe about what is plausible. And that is the same as what is probable while if actual facts do not tally to probability, nobody will care about the truth.

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