Safety (Lesson 1 Article 3) Timeless impact on Mind

Safety (Lesson 1 Article 3) Timeless impact on Mind
(51) Architecture is the result of our mind representation and timeless perception. When our ancestors have started to build, they have expressed their mind and soul which was mainly to bring happiness to Gods or other divinities. Their architectural trend was transcendental and less oriented towards people. The idea that our existence has a limited time while space provides us with unlimited potentials has been a characteristic of most cultures. What we really fail to do is recognizing that our human potential is unlimited therefore we need to design by considering timeless mind. If we will design the mind as a safe sanctuary, the entire world will become a safe place for everybody and everything. It implies that we need to make changes to all current codes and to redesign them as safe places to live in. The preservation of the old needs to be assessed from a durability, beauty and accessibility perspective. Although pragmatism characterizes the century we live in, somewhere back in time we know that our origins were the result of beauty, serenity, love and peace.
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