Safety (Lesson 1 Article 1 Prevention)

Safety (Lesson 1 Article 1 Prevention)


Any Safety measures that worldwide leaders take are proofs of how much care they have for people’s life. The causes of accidents are multiple, but in general when the life has little value, and people are reluctant to respect the rules, there is an underlying aspect of how societies react to daily news. In 2010 there were 1.24 million people who were killed in road accidents in 88 countries. In case of road accidents, the Governments carry direct responsibility to issue, implement and control the proper policies and rules to prevent those accidents.

In companies, CEO’s direct responsibility is to ensure that policies are properly issued by Committee members and implemented in all areas of their activities including the public safety. There is a direct correlation between the countries with high vs. low income levels and total number of accidents. The countries where income levels are lower are also, the countries with the highest number of road accidents. One of the reasons for discrepant numbers is because in countries with higher income levels, Governments have more visibility on how fast the positive changes happen.

Similarly, some companies that have higher profits, have invested in developing their systems therefore the accidents rates are much lower when compared to companies that do not even monitor the events. The public image that needs to be maintained requires them to invest in preventive systems because otherwise the price they will have to pay can potentially exceed the profits made.

When we do care for people and their lives, we also need to ask the questions regarding the future plans that will be made to help reduce all accidents worldwide. If the root causes are analyzed properly, we can all have a world free of accidents. Maybe we just need one hour or one day, and then continue to improve the metric performance until during an entire year there will be no lives lost due to accidents.

Safety (Lesson 1 Article 2 Criteria for Designing)
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