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Anyone who has worked in an organization most likely experienced some sort of “pain”. In the medical world, whenever an organ fails, we try to treat it either by using drugs or even surgery. If we are lucky, we can get well soon enough before any other organs become affected or fail to perform. Our bodies are a perfect example on how nature showed its excellency and quality. With the large opportunities of body failures, we can also encounter more challenges when the root causes are not diagnosed and identified properly.

The diagnostic phase is one of the most important phases because if we do not understand the mechanisms and processes at cellular level and causes that led to disruptions or failures, how would we ever be able to further prevent the system aggravation stage. Currently, organizations have overly simplified the groups of failure into three large ones as technology, people and processes. What we fail to detect are their interferences and combinations obtained at the different nodes.

In systems biology, LINCS data generation uses L 1000 generation. Dataset is organized in 3 layers as raw measurements, normalized data and z-score signature. If we try to analyze a large organization from the highest level possible, we would need to know the micro level details and z-score for each process that exists within each module. Only then we can say whether the company is healthy or an appropriate correction factor should be use. We usually have encountered considerable failures when each department is considered as being self-regulating. Because most departments fail to properly assess their daily activities based on their own data collection system, they also fail to rigorously detect the further risks that exist.

The criteria of such measurement system are well beyond the 21st century approach therefore we will need to have developed the common platforms where large data can be downloaded and analyzed individually first and then re-assembled. Simulations should be performed daily within the large organizations to ensure that their “bodies” are healthy and to be able to detect the weakness signs and signals.

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