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The most objective way to know whether the students learned, understood and passed tests/exams are through #elearning , #AI , #technology therefore the... Show more

are the games developing the brain/mind? well, it is our response to the environment therefore obviously it does impact it but is this the way we... Show more

I think that in many cases, technological advancements were possible mainly because some have decided to change the status quo as a way of proving... Show more

As I was thinking about an example that would be easier for children to remember, my husband came-up with this one:
Function: Y = f(X1, X2)

Y =>...
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There has always been a natural way in "doing" therefore Education should follow the natural path since we will be able to overcome (potential)... Show more

if students do not #exchange #information and #knowledge #online, how do we know about their engagement in #companies and #organizations ?

those who hold the #knowledge impact the #future but is it #fair ?

#leansixsigma is a philosophy while #BITSPEC provides help to further deepen #knowledge through #arts and #technology en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Philosophy

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