Project tables

Student Instructor Country Type Business Env Budget Time Benefits Lessons Learned SUB formId recaptcha CaptchaForm
TES VITTORIO ITALY IT OTHER Education $100,000 2 months Improved user's accessibility during out of schedule hrs. Improved process outcomes Submit Form 14 0
Cassio Bruti Spain Operations Government $20,000 34 days Reduced documentation backlog Process mapping requires everybody's involvement Submit Form 14 0
OS MD India HR Government $93,000 3 months Reduce redundacy Team work, implementation requires involvement Submit Form 14 0
Elie Constantin Spain Management Professional Development Education $40,000 4 months Incorporated LSS into Professional Development Engage all participants in the process, due dilligence Submit Form 14 0 0
Mahmud Abdinor Somalia HR Company Education $10,000 (ten thousand dollars only ) 2 years Expert HR Managment Submit Form 14 0 0
Emad Abualsauod Dorina Grossu USA Operations Healthcare Government $100K 5 months Reduced wait time for veterans Reducing average waiting time in queue. The target is to have 5 to 7 minutes waiting time in the Queue. The current average waiting time in queue is 6.36 minutes with a range of 0 – 25 minutes).  Reducing the average queue length. The target being having a maximum of 10 people at any given point of time. Submit Form 14 0 0
Vadym Sukhin Dorina Grossu Canada Finance Quoting new business Corporate $180,000 cost savings per year 30 days Optimal database configuration to automatic quoting Standard deviation after process changes is significantly higher which means that process improvement effect varies over time and depends on particular situation Submit Form 14 0 xaqd
Cristi dorina Romania IT NA Education $300 20 Joomla Submit Form 14 0 rtoy
Andrei Marihno Dorina Grossu Brazil Supply Chain Process Improvement of a Supply Chain Company Please select $ 17,480.00 2 months 1. Decrease operational costs by 20%; 2. Decrease the delivery SLA in 10 %; 3. Increase the Customer Satisfaction up to 95% creating a new VSM, performing the capability check, design a new process map, write new SOP’s for the new operators and review the general process Submit Form 14 0 0

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