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1 year 6 months ago #743 by dorina
Build Computational Literacy.
This pathway recognizes how thoroughly digital devices and the internet have transformed society and adopts strategies that empower learners to take maximum advantage of this change. It recognizes that digital literacy empowers people with the tools to find information, answer questions, and share ideas and that they need to understand how to use these tools responsibly and safely. This pathway seems to advance computational thinking as a critical skill in today’s world. Computational thinking, including computer science, is not just about using computing devices effectively; more broadly, it means solving complex problems with data, a skill that can be learned at an early age. It seeks to expand the use of digital platforms for teaching and learning because they enable anywhere/anytime learning; make possible individualized instruction customized to the way each person learns most effectively and can offer more active and engaging learning through simulation-based activities or virtual reality experiences. These tools have the potential to decrease achievement gaps in formal educational settings and to offer rapid reskilling or upskilling opportunities in the workplace


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