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DISHWASHING - Big waste of time on not?

1 year 10 months ago #736 by cristi
A lot of people see DISHWASHING as the waste of time but its the productivity hack of two richest people on the earth.
Bill Gates and Jeff Bezos have been quoted multiple times that they wash dishes after dinner.

Why are they doing that?
- It helps them in playing their part in house management.- Break from office Routine- Close the DAY properly.- Be the Role Model for Kids.

Research supports that washing dishes not only helps relieve stress but also allows one’s creativity to shine. Warmth of the water and smell of the soap help keep the brain stimulated.

Ask yourself- when do the best ideas occur to you?
While you are seated at your work station thinking hard?
OR When you are taking a trip to the bathroom or showering for that matter?
It is so because when you are engaged in ‘less-thrilling’ tasks, your brain gets a chance to wander.

So next time you see the dirty dishes, YOU KNOW WHAT TO DO!

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