Today our environment is a lot different than when we were children. It is our responsibility to contribute to the world effort to reduce global emissions that changed the world we all live in. Our business is committed to protect the environment by reducing publishing, distribution, transportation, energy costs. Teaching is the first business that can achieve zero emission target by promoting eLearning.



BITSPEC team is capable to provide eLearning accommodating three distinct learning styles for students: auditory learners, visual learners, and kinesthetic learners. Our training material receives constant updates to reflect changes in the business areas that are studied and includes:

  • Traditional “book of knowledge” delivery
  • Practice exercises and case studies
  • Video presentations
  • Quizzes
  • End of Module test

 BITSPEC can offer individualized training based on client’s preferences, if there are sufficient participants to solicit a customized development. 

Students, participants can learn at their own speed. BITSPEC offers 1-year uninterrupted access to the courses. Participants may receive extended access beyond 1 year, depending on circumstances and overall learning platform load coefficient. 

BITSPEC as an internationally accredited Training Organization in Lean Six Sigma, promotes FORUM, BLOG, and Social Media as part of WEB 2.0. and 3.0. Each student or participant can have an increased level of internet visibility based on the number of articles, questions, discussions, and topics shared. In a world in where the theory starts to become clearer, the students have increased chances of reaching deeper knowledge and beliefs when learning with us. Students have the opportunity to engage and develop creative competence because Social Media's role is to provide support for authenticity, storytelling, and artistic vision. FORUM and Social Media create a personal scoring system that provides each student with higher visibility on the internet.

BITSPEC uses mastery learning technique Bloom2sigma supported by our unique website developed to incorporate Bloom's taxonomy known developmental learning stages as remember, understand, apply, analyze, evaluate. Our website was built based on the consideration that art promotes innovation, problem-solving and generates love for learning. Through art, emotional intelligence is developed, and so people can build better communities. Art awakens our senses.  We believe in the seven virtues: Prudence, Justice, Temperance, Courage, Faith, Hope, and Charity.

 Participant/Student accomplishment:

  • Reduced learning costs
  • Increased retention
  • Self-paced learning
  • Interactive and collaborative learning
  • Consistent progress assessment
  • Expert knowledge
  • Self confidence
  • Proof of completion and certification

Here are some more reasons:

  • Worldwide recognition for Lean Six Sigma certification
  • International Accredited Training Organization
    • PeopleCert - IASSC Lean Six Sigma
  • International Accredited Trainers in Lean Six Sigma
    • Languages: English, French, Spanish, Romanian
  • Learning Management System monitors students’ training progress on Moodle platform
  • Collaborative Learning on BITSPEC Joomlart, JoomlaSocial integrated with K2, Kunena platforms
  • Course curriculum uses a wide variety of resources to ensure that students have exposure to many examples
  • Our web site is ranked on top 10 web sites by Google searches for "eLearning Lean Six Sigma", qualified among the best 10 International Companies by Leadership 500 Excellence Rewards 2014, and Best e-Learning Course Provider 2017 & Award for Excellence in Multi Method Training Styles by Corporate Vision
  • Company Quality Management System manual ISO 9001-2008 (available upon request)
  • Project Management System that encourages Lean Six Sigma Alumni to share information regarding their professional accomplishments
  • BITSPEC promotes internationally the Lean Six Sigma Alumni on the WALL
  • Each certification has an individual registration number that students can use when applying for jobs.
  • PMI recognizes our certification therefore you get the credits that you need once you complete the certification program
  • Courses are accessible 24/7 on Microsoft, Apple and Android platforms
  • BITSPEC uses hybrid learning, LiveConferencing(GoToMeeting), and/or ZOOM upon request
  • eMentoring and coaching available upon request
  • Flipped Learning was introduced on January 2014
  • Upon completion, the Alumni are giving the opportunity to become Forum (Global) Moderators in the business area of their choice
  • Alumni who passed PeopleCert certification using our eLearning courses will be able to use our training material in classes and teach/train other students, as part of BITSPEC team. It is only available for those special students who completed BITSPEC training course and passed PeopleCert exam.