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Mitch Grossu has been using and expanding mechanical engineering, project management, lean six sigma, product development skills and knowledge during last 25 years, within a wide business area: electronics, automotive, medical device and nuclear energy manufacturing. He holds a diploma in MS. Mechanical Engineering, he is licenced professional engineer with Professional Engineers of Ontario PEO, and he is internationally licenced as Lean Six Sigma Black Belt with International Association for Six Sigma Certification IASSC.

Mitch Grossu has been completed complex lean six sigma projects for new process development and process improvement:

  • Automotive manufacturing – ABC Technologies: Airbag door manufacturing process for Ford F150 (yr. 1997)
  • Electronics manufacturing – Omron Dualtec Electronics: Pure Silver Contact micro welding process (yr. 2000), Contamination reduction and automated detection (yr. 2002), Lead free soldering process (yr. 2005), 99.9% Copper component micro resistance welding process (yr. 2006), Automated machine vision inspection and rejection using customized VIS and NIR light spectrum (yr. 2003, 2004, 2007)
  • Medical Device manufacturing -
    • Scopecare: Design for Six Sigma and develop new Flexible Uretero – Renoscope, from concept, prototype development, supply chain management, to validation, testing and certification with EC 93/42 EEC (yr. 2010)
    • Scican: Design for Six Sigma and develop new endoscope washer disinfector with customized potable water contamination prevention device (yr. 2011)
  • Nuclear Energy manufacturing – General Electric Hitachi (BWXT): Nuclear rod end cap welding process (yr. 2013), zirconium tube assembly process including resistance and induction welding, automated inspection (2017), Molybdenum 99 medical isotope process development (2018)

Mitch Grossu has also contributed at the development and revision of the course material BITSPEC provides for lean six sigma training. He has provided training and coaching to his team members while managing various projects during his diverse career.

Mitch Grossu works efficiently within multicultural and various skill set teams, inspiring creativity and responsible work performance. Leads technical teams towards practical, innovative solutions, without quality compromise. Encourages thoroughness, dependability and respect. 

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