Company Profile


BITSPEC is an unique company that focuses on helping people learn how to improve efficiency and quality of their work or business. Help is provided through training, consulting and contract work, customized for specific businesses, or individual needs. Our performance is cost and time efficient, as our team has extensive expertise in multiple business segments such as: automotive, nuclear energy, medical device, banking, laboratory analysis, teaching.


Our strengths are:

  • mechanical, chemical, quality engineering
  • training and teaching
  • project management
  • product or equipment design and development


Our business expertise is:

  1. Certified training service:
  • Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt, Green Belt, and Black Belt level
  • Data Encoding Principles

We provide synchronous, asynchronous, or hybrid eLearning training through BITSPEC website Joomla based platform, using Moodle LMS and Zoom personalized accounts. Lean Six Sigma training can be provided in-class upon request and based on number of participants.


  1. Consulting: eLearning, Learning Management System, Instructional Design

BITSPEC provides consulting services to create new eLearning training courses, develop customized LMS to meet class size and training requirements. Instructional Design projects can accommodate development of new, or revision of existing material, based on customer specifications. BITSPEC uses Articulate Storyline for material publishing. We also have the capability to integrate third party training courses on our secured on-line server hosted with 99.9% uptime guarantee.


  1. Consulting: Lean Six Sigma process improvement, Automated Quality Inspection

We perform based on contract requirements, new process development study and action plan, or existing process capability assessment and improvement. We have expertise in manufacturing areas: automotive, electronics, pharmaceutical, nuclear energy, medical device. We also have expertise in banking and healthcare. Process improvements include in depth process parameter, capability, risk assessment analysis, as well as optimization solutions based on design of experiments. Process improvement proposals may include fully automated inspections systems, customized and developed by third party contractor.


  1. Consulting: Quality Management System and Regulatory Affairs

BITSPEC provides consulting services related to Quality Management System development required in manufacturing businesses.


BITSPEC values engagement and promotes the involvement of professionals, teachers, and professors from business communities, colleges, and universities to share their broad experiences and wealth of knowledge. BITSPEC monitors web statistical data to ensure groups' dynamics and mediates cultural and behavioral impacts. We believe in human collaboration through engagement and continuous learning therefore we welcome you to join BITSPEC to create together a community of professionals.