Company Profile

BITSPEC, an educational provider and an International Accredited Training Organization has an intensive focus on eLearning in Lean Six Sigma, Quality Management System, and Quality Vision Inspection.

BITSPEC  creates the future of eLearning Communities based on sharing, collaborating, continually enriching human development through the use of art. BITSPEC promotes lifelong learning and education.

What can be a better opportunity to establish professional connections worldwide than this opportunity offered on the BITSPEC IT platform?

We help students and participants who want to become certified in Lean Six Sigma by offering the eLearning training through easy access to shared information through Media Social Network as Forum, Blog and Social Network Group. Students have the opportunity to engage and develop creative competence because Social Media's role is to provide the support for authenticity, storytelling, and artistic vision. BITSPEC fosters the education for social and emotional learning through technology. FORUM and Social Media create a personal scoring system that provides each student with higher visibility on the internet. BITSPEC monitors the statistical data to ensure groups' dynamics and mediates cultural and behavioral impacts. We are trying to build a consistent body of social followers.

BITSPEC values engagement and promotes the involvement of professionals, teachers, and professors from business communities, colleges, and universities to share their broad experiences and wealth of knowledge.

We believe in human collaboration through engagement and continuous learning therefore we welcome you to join BITSPEC to create together a community of professionals.


1 eLearning Certified  Lean Six Sigma as Yellow Belt,  Green Belt, and Black Belt level

          eLearning Certified: Data Encoding Principles

2 Quality Management System and Regulatory Affairs

3 Automated Quality Inspection (built-in automated vision system and training)

4 Consulting in Lean Six Sigma, Statistics, eLearning, Learning Management System, Instructional Design


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