Lean Six Sigma Process Improvement

Once we have a business, we all know what process means: a series of actions taken to achieve a desired result.

What can process improvement mean to you? Anybody could say that you want the process to be better and this is a realistic goal. Depending on your business, process improvement can mean any or, all of the following:

  • Improved efficiency
  • Improved process performance
  • Cost efficiency
  • Improved quality
  • Reduced cycle time
  • Regulatory and customer requirements compliance
  • Effective management of resources

How can BITSPEC help you? Applying Lean Six Sigma principles, we can perform the following activities that will improve your process:

  • In-depth process analysis
  • SWOT analysis
  • Cause & Effect and FMEA analysis
  • Waste sources identification
  • Measurement System analysis
  • Process Control analysis
  • Process Capability analysis
  • Process Optimization through Design of Experiments

How do we approach the project? We would follow a standardized project management methodology including:

  • Review and analyze your concerns and desired goals
  • Meet your team and understand your process
  • Define project scope and goals
  • Perform project cost benefit analysis
  • Develop project proposal and submit for your review
  • Commence project once proposal has been agreed on
  • Execute process improvement project together with your process team
  • Review periodically project progress and address roadblocks that may arise
  • Complete project and review achievements
  • Provide process performance assistance for period of one year from project completion

How much the project would cost you? The project cost is a function of project complexity, capital investment and auxiliary expenses incurred with process analysis, process optimization studies. Our proposal will include a detailed cost list with options for you to decide what solution fits best your business.

BITSPEC team can work with either of these two cost models:

  1. Time and Material expenses covered for BITSPEC team
  2. Fixed cost for BITSPEC team expenses, as percentage of total savings agreed that the project achieved at completion

We all need to understand that complex projects require customer process team assistance and possible time available to perform process analysis, or design of experiments tests.

BITSPEC is committed to achieve the best results for your business and offers open and full cooperation to achieve this goal. 

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