Based on Google data there are about 40 million pages that contain information regarding Lean and Six Sigma. One of the reasons for creating such an intensive literature is due to performances reported by top companies that implemented this methodology. Another reason is that executives will always try to implement one methodology across the company rather than multiple systems that may not interact and engage with each other.
In our course, we mention that as a combined management approach, Lean Six Sigma amplifies the strengths and minimizes the weaknesses of both approaches when used alone. Because it is being considered a methodology, most people will look for a guideline system for solving a problem with specific components such as phases, tasks, methods, techniques and tools. People will also look for systematic studies of the methods that are or can be applied within the discipline, description of methods, analysis of the principles of methods used, its rules and eventual postulates that are employed by Lean Six Sigma as a discipline. Researchers in Lean Six Sigma will also look for research results that can be quantitative and qualitative.
There is not too much information shared across companies because we live in a competitive world therefore each company will try to protect the methodologies employed. What BITSPEC can do through eLearning 2.0, is to increase knowledge base by sharing techniques, practices, learnings, and studies or examples performed by our trainers, consultants, students, participants etc. Aside from FORUM, SOCIAL MEDIA and Blog, we introduced other modules that allow students and practitioners to communicate with each other on similar projects.
By using eLearning 2.0 and Lean Six Sigma we can increase the speed of completing the most sophisticated and complex projects across various and diverse business areas as IT, HR, Operations, Logistics, Transportation, Healthcare, Education, Finance, Government etc. There should be no limitation to innovative processes since the outcome that we all expect is an increase of our quality of life. Each generation has their own approach to learn, but technological web based training advancements made in the last 10-20 years have offered the advantage of reducing repetitive work and shorten the time and cost of training, while students can engage in complex ways with each other through web facilitation.
The Wall module provides our students the opportunity to be known in the world. The module is a responsive web design. As the user switches from notebook to iPad, the website automatically switches to accommodate for resolution, image size and scripting abilities. In other words, our Wall responds to the user's preferences.
As eLearning Lean Six Sigma international interests is increasing according to the statistical data that we collected, we will continue to provide future news and information on knowledge management, as well as, the latest BITSPEC's technological and innovative advancements.

Past Events: October 9-12 BITSPEC participated in E-LEARN 2012 - World Conference on E-Learning in Corporate, Government, Healthcare & Higher Education in Montreal, Quebec, Canada
Topic presented: Consulting company that creates eLearning Communities through FORUM, SOCIAL MEDIA, BLOG and eLearning on Learning Management System

Added Features:
Wall Option available for current candidates and Alumni

Future Events: New courses in Lean IT and Change Management will be available during the month of Nov. 2012