My feel of anger when watching the tragic events that happened in Paris, France when Charlie and his team were killed, have changed back to balanced and critical thinking. Since there are major changes required from a Change Management system approach, we should start to work on positive plans. Companies, organizations including Governments spent billions of dollars on programs in education that are meant to transform people and yet all these programs have failed.

In Program Management and Lean Six Sigma we usually look at the root causes coupled with education as the main component for bringing up transformation. Because it is a process, the effort and intelligence are required to be wisely used such that changes should take the least amount of time.

The transformation is meant to improve self-esteem, power to work in teams, while ensuring that work is completed to the benefit of all humans and beings who live in a society.

There are already large programs in place that can help people to help them overcome the feel of unworthiness and unhappiness, but maybe these programs should be immediately changed to become engaging in solving the issues.

Bang, bang, bullying, etc. do not solve issues…we live in 21st Century and we should no longer use violence to solve political, religion, etc. issues.

How education can change? If we look at any religion, we can see that there is always someone who teaches. So, religion like any other subject of learning has someone who teaches and explains from a book that can be a Bible, Koran etc.

How is it possible that a teacher could ever teach his followers that a supreme power would want someone else from a different religion to make him/her disappear?

What would happen if instead of diversification we would all have one credo and one power?

How positive would that be for all people and beings from around this world?

If some people have challenges to properly develop the mind, how can all educators from the world come together by leading this transformation process?