Lean Six Sigma Black Belt (upgrade)

Improve Phase- DOE upgrade from Green Belt to Black Belt

Dear Student,

Welcome to our Lean Six Sigma Black Belt course training up-grade.

Lean Six Sigma Black Belt up-grade course is composed of the two modules:

4. Improve

6. Monte Carlo

Each module is broken down in chapters such that it becomes easier for students to learn faster. The student will have to complete the chapter before being able to read the next chapter.

To complete the training and obtain the course certification, the student will have to read all the slides, do the homeworks (1), quizzes(1), submit a short project and watch the videos in MINITAB, Quality Companion and Devize.

The passing score for each quiz is 70% and the student can take it 2 times.

The gradebook contains SCORM slides, quizzes, homework, project and videos.

Students will study by themselves at their own paste and they will be able to ask questions through Forums or Chat. They can contact the teacher or discuss with their colleagues.

Learning Management System has the Chat available while the Forum is available under Forum's BITSPEC.

The teacher will help students while monitoring their activities to ensure that collaboration and discussions will be focused around the subject topics and course completion.

Students should have access to internet and be able to read and listen to pre-recorded lessons. Students need to have math and statistical knowledge at min. 12K level.

The course is addressed to a mature audience who might not have the time to participate in the synchronous learning, therefore the course is delivered asynchronously all year around. Both students and teachers can be engaged synchronously when required by using chat, phone and Skype.

Please use Forum, Social, Chat and email to communicate.

Best Regards,

Dorina Grossu