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Change by Herb Spencer

2 months 3 weeks ago #777 by dorina
This essay has tried to show that the binary approach to reality fails whenever we encounter complexity. What we have tried to demonstrate here is that at least three-part linkages (or triads) invariably arise whenever we try to think of any one of them: always relying on our Memory. This is now urgent as our Old Ideas, like Change and Time, have only been approached in an implicit binary mode, as we reviewed here. Now, we need a biological revolution in our fundamental conceptual thinking (metaphysics) that incorporates recent scientific knowledge of both organisms in general and the human brain in particular, based on neurological research.
This tight linkage must involve memory because animals remember earlier situations that may be helpful now; these older memories are constructed around our deep (intuitive) level of the awareness of Relationships (and not on the over-simplified mental construct of isolated Objects). When these relationships involve change we call them interactions (physicists now see quantized Action at the very heart of reality). Our verbal language usage reminds us of these relationships (not simple nouns) by linking the necessary notion of Existence (to BE) to the relations of Structure (to HAVE) and all organized by living organisms to initiate Processes (to DO).
As social animals, humans have to resolve the relationships with other people; this has too often been based on the use of Violence, as all of humanity entered the Warrior Phase of cultural development about 10,000 years ago. A common reaction to the threat of violence was to group together in larger and larger communities, where unified actions had to be taken (often to perceived external threats). This decision-making process was initially made by the most powerful man in the tribe, called the chief or king.
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