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Review of “Philosophy in the Flesh” by Herb Spencer

3 months 1 week ago #776 by dorina
"The fundamental thesis of the authors (that I found convincing) is the proposition that our normal
conceptual system is fundamentally metaphorical. Indeed, non-metaphorical language is possible in
simple situations where we can point at a physical object or illustrate a direct action but the more we move away from the concrete into the abstract then the more we need conceptual metaphors to expand our understanding. Furthermore, these experts have long argued that our thinking is grounded in our own bodies; i.e. ideas are embodied, in our sensorimotor systems and emotions. The latest brain research seems to point in the same direction along with the anti-rational finding that most of our mental activity is unconscious and depends critically on our memory, whose structure mainly remains a mystery. The major thrust in this book is the centrality of metaphorical thinking in philosophy. The authors must be frustrated in their ongoing failure to convert their fellow philosophers to these too radical ideas. This essay attempts to expose the deep mistaken commitments of today’s philosophers and most of their revered predecessors."
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